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Hi everyone we are Laura and Glen we are super excited that you are considering us to be your coaches! Helping people become the best version of themselves is something that we truly value. We understand that choosing to put your health as a priority is not always easy, but true transformation starts with the desire to become better . We look forward to coaching you and getting started on your healthy lifestyle journey!

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Julia Foronda

“My name is Julia… I’m 32 years old and have an 8 year old daughter. Before Herbalife I was “skinny fat”. I didn’t weigh a whole lot but my body fat percentage was really high because I had HORRIBLE nutrition! I own a salon and work full time there, so I rarely had time to eat. I lived off of lattes during the day then would have one awful meal late at night after I got home. I was always SO tired and am ashamed to say I wasn’t being the best mother I could be because of that. Thank goodness Herbalife found me! It makes it so easy for me to keep my nutrition in check! I was able to put on 10 pounds of lean muscle mass and drop my body fat by 8%! Now I have tons of energy and love life!”

Jonathan Jefferson

“Hey guys my name is Jonathan Jefferson I’ve been taking Herbalife Nutrition for 4 years now and it’s been the best decision I have ever made.. Before Herbalife I was tired, I had a quick temper, and really didn’t like talking to people. That all changed after I was introduced to the products. When I started my nutrition program i was drinking two shakes a day eating healthy and drinking my Aloe & Tea three times a day, I was able to lose 40 pounds in two months! I feel phenomenal now! I love smiling now and I enjoy empowering others. I am so grateful for Herbalife Nutrition!”

Glenroy Huggins

“The picture to the left is a perfect example of poor nutrition.. that was me my sophomore year of college training twice a day on our college strength and conditioning program.. i was always a great athlete but had no education on the importance of good nutrition.. after getting started on herbalife 24 im now up 25 pounds, feeling totally amazing in all of my workouts and more importantly healthier than ever!! Its also been a plus being able to maintain my weight and always keep my body fat under 10% contact us more info on #Herbalife24 and get your own customized program!”

Melissa Mercados

“Since having kids my weight has been up and down like a yoyo. It finally hit home when I saw my picture with the drink. That’s when I took action and contacted Laura who i met through social media a year prior. Got started on the Herbalife 3 day trial and lost 6 lbs. I Started working out at her Fitclub and started taking the Herbalife Products on a daily basis. Since then ive went from 165 to 145 lbs. I love the Nutritional benefits i get from drinking these products and its helped control my portion intake . Since then I’ve been hooked and able to stabilize my weight and finally be able to enjoy life and not worry about being self conscious.”

Laura Huggins

“Hi name is Laura Huggins.

Before starting herbalife i was working out and had bad eating habbits. With everything i was doing i saw no results and had poor digestive problems.

Starting my herbalife program i was able to loose 25 lbs in my first five weeks by staying committed to my meal plan even on weekends. I also dropped 13% bodyfat and gained 7 lbs of muscle by my 3rd month. Glad to say Ive been taking these amazing products for almost 5 years and i love starting my day with my shake. I also took the herbalife products during my pregnancy and now having my baby i am more than confident i will be in better shape than before. These products have made it easy for me to consume what my body needs daily, save time & money in groceries & i just love how i feel. All this has inspired me to help others achieve there physical goals all around the world. Today i am greatful to be a full time herbalife coach!

I have all the time to slend with my Baby Noah and work with my husband Glen.”

Janie Lee

Hi, I’m Janie. I am 34 years old- mother of 3. Before herbalife I was overweight, had no energy, and ate unhealthy food. By teaching me healthy eating habits and encouraging an active lifestyle, I was able to lose 33 lbs, 14%bf, and gained 8 lbs of lean mass.”

Charlene Rojas-Lopez

“I stared Herbalife January 2016 and within the first two months I lost 15 pound each month. My third month I lost 5 pound and gain a lot of muscle. I would work out 5 to 6 days a week about an hour each day. I started my journey weighing 175+ with my body fat percentage at 28.7% I was able to drop down to 140 and my body fat percentage to 18.4%. It’s been a year since I’ve been taking the products and I’ve been able to maintain my weight .”

Carlos Velasquez

“My name is Carlos ! I’ve been an herbalife wellness coach for 3 years and a half now and I’ve loved every second of it. I gained 28 pounds of lean body mass and I lost 4% body fat throughout my journey. I gained insane amounts of energy and strenght ! Now I focus more on Powerlifting and getting stronger! Rebuild strenght is my favorite product !”


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